Claude Monet

Master of colors and lights

“Claude Monet-Master of Colors and Lights” is an immersive digital art exhibition that animates more than 300 Claude Monet’s 300 paintings and drawings created by and invites the visitor to discover Impressionism in a new way.
With this exhibition, the Kunstkraftwerk follows the two key elements of Impressionism: color and light.
Raise the curtain on the fascinating works of Claude Monet, the master of Impressionism, and their modern artistic interpretations!

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig ®

Artistic Direction: Stefano Fake // Art Design:Stefano FAKE & the Fake Factory, DEREAL Studio, Soundfaenger, OLO Creative Farm, Alice Felloni, Theresìa.



Thu-Sun & Holydays
from 10 Uhr

Last entry:

ca 90 Mins

Tickets / Prices

Adult (WE&Holydays) € 17
Adult € 15
Reduced € 12
Family Ticket € 40
Groups € 12
School Groups € 5
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