“Dalí Cybernetics” is an extended reality exhibition that shows the visionary works of Salvador Dalí in an innovative way. Visitors immerse themselves in an interactive, digital world where Dalí’s surrealist artworks come to life.

Using state-of-the-art technology,  the exhibition combines virtual reality and immersive installations to offer a completely new perspective on Dalí’s masterpieces.

Experience the fusion of art and technology and be enchanted by the artist’s captivating cyber world.



In the Cinema area, visitors can enjoy films that delve into Salvador Dalí’s life and art. Experience the documentary “Dalí in New York,” where the artist engages with the vibrant city and its inhabitants. These films provide an intimate look at Dalí’s creative process, revealing his fascination with mass media and self-promotion.

The Immersive Room is a breathtaking space where visitors discover the thoughts and works of the Catalan artist Salvador Dalí from an extraordinary perspective.

With state-of-the-art 360° projections, interactive installations, holograms, and stunning light and sound shows, art and technology merge to create an innovative spectacle. Visitors are completely immersed in Dalí’s artistic vision, feeling the shift in reality as they dive deep into the world created by his brushstrokes. This room brings Dalí’s most iconic works to life, offering a truly immersive experience that transports viewers into the incomparable, surreal universe of the genius.

The VR 360 area offers a unique virtual reality experience that takes you deeper into Dalí’s universe. Put on a VR headset and embark on a visually stunning journey through the inspirations behind Dalí’s masterpieces. Explore his imaginative world in an incredibly real way, featuring iconic elements like the famous melting clocks from “The Persistence of Memory.”

Unleash your creativity in the Sketch & Post area, where you can create your own Dalí-inspired art. Use the provided materials to draw and paint, then scan your artwork to see it projected onto the walls. This interactive space encourages visitors to become artists themselves and leaves them with a tangible connection to Dalí’s surrealist world..

“Surreal Objects” is an accompanying exhibition featuring a selection of surreal design furniture and objects. This unique collection showcases imaginative and dreamlike creations that blur the lines between reality and fantasy, offering visitors a captivating experience of the bizarre and extraordinary. Explore how ordinary items transform into surreal masterpieces that challenge perception and ignite the imagination.

Visitors will also have the exclusive opportunity to order and purchase these extraordinary iconic pieces, bringing a touch of surrealism into their own homes.



Thu-Sun & Holydays: From 10:00
Last entry: 18:30

ca 90 Mins


Adult (WE&Holydays) € 18
Adult € 16
Reduced € 13
Students (Do-Fr) € 13
Family Ticket € 48
Groups € 13
School Groups € 13
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