The mistery of Banksy

A genius Mind

He is world-famous and yet still a mystery – Banksy, the Bristol-born and still anonymous graffiti artist and painter who is known for challenging the boundaries of the art market and has been causing a furore with his work for years.

Organising an exhibition like this is no easy task. The well-known musical producer and exhibition organiser Oliver Forster (COFO Entertainment) from Passau took up this challenge. “We want to make art an experience, visible to everyone and brought together in one place.”

Banksy is first and foremost a street artist who is known for his graffiti, which he has spread all over the world. He also started selling original signed artworks and limited edition prints quite early on. Most of them are privately owned and therefore not accessible to the public. “With THE MISTERY OF BANKSY – A Genius Mind, we are now trying to find the best and most impressive motifs using faithful reproductions.

in just one place and in a relaxed atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the museum, but still with high quality standards,” says producer Oliver Forster

Production & Kuration:
COFO-Entertainment Studio


opening TIMES

Thu-Sun & Holydays

Last entry:
One hour before Exhibition closing

ca 90 Mins


Vollzahler (WE+Feiertage) € 17
Adult € 15
Ermaßigt € 12
Family Ticket € 40
Groups € 12
School Groups € 5


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